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The Board of Directors assigned a team of volunteer Riverbend Residents to review our rules. The committee did a thoughtful review and made a number of recommendations for additions, changes and clarifications. Almost all of the recommendations were approved by the Board. Rather than print a whole version of the rules, we are notifying you of the various changes and clarifications as noted below. As the Clubhouse Rules are routinely passed out for rentals, we did redo those two pages completely. Please review these carefully and keep them with your copy of the rules.

Section I-Personal Property (This change clarifies that the American Flag can be flown at all times following flag protocol as opposed to other types of flags that may only be flown on appropriate days.)

c. The American Flag may be displayed at any time following the normal flag protocol. College flags, national heritage flags and military flags may be exhibited on the appropriate day. Flags being displayed shall be affixed to the external wood trim of your unit and shall be a maximum size of 3’ by 5’

Section III. External Decorative Items Allowed (This change allows you to leave your hose unrolled from the outlet to your planting area as long as it is inconspicuous)

I. Hoses must be kept inside the garage at all times except during warm months. Hoses left outside during the watering season must be kept in a taupe colored box or on a taupe colored roller. Units may leave the hoses unrolled from the outlet to their planting area in an inconspicuous manner. Flat soaker hoses may be buried in the mulch beds. If kept there during the watering season, it is at the owner’s risk and must be in such a way that will not hamper the Association’s landscaping activities.

Section VI Lawns, Flowers, Landscape and other Vegetation (This section advised that you should not apply fertilizer or weed killer as these are included in our lawn care services and could damage the grass. It does permit grass seed if you wish)

A. Lawns, Flowers and Vegetables

1. Lawns are part of the Common Element. The Association cares for all of the lawns during the entire growing season and in the months when grass goes dormant. Residents must not mow or apply fertilizer or weed killer or in any way treat the lawns around their units. Applying grass seed is permitted if you wish. We contract with a lawn care company to care for all the needs pertinent to lawn care. Additional application of fertilizer or weed killer could harm the lawn. Watering is permitted and encouraged but care not to waste water should be taken as this utility is paid for by the Association.

Section IX Signs (This change indicates that two (2) signs are permitted rather than just one as previously allowed).

A. “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs (professionally prepared) may be hung or displayed only inside the unit’s windows. There shall be a maximum of two “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs displayed in any unit. No real estate signs are permitted in any Common Element or Limited Common Element except to announce an open house. One “mail box” style holder of descriptive material may be placed close to the front door of a unit in the mulched area.

Section XI Parking/Vehicles (This change indicates that only two (2) resident’s vehicles are permitted to be parked outside the garage door at any time. It does not affect guest parking rules)

A. All parking of vehicles by unit residents and guests FIRST must be within the unit’s garage or on the apron outside the garage door. Only two resident’s vehicles may be parked outside the garage door at any time. Vehicles must not be left in a way that blocks normal access by unit residents to their garage, their garage apron, the turnaround or driveway. Guests needing temporary overflow parking may park for up to 12 hours on the inside (opposite the mailboxes) lane of Stonebend Drive, Stonewoods Lane, or on Riverbend Place or at the Clubhouse. Clubhouse parking is intended for residents and guests using the Clubhouse facilities or pool and overnight parking there is discouraged. See F. below.

Section XII Swimming Pool (These changes require that someone 18 or older must be in the pool area accompanying anyone under 18. It prohibits smoking in the pool area. It indicates a replacement fee will be charged for lost pool keys)

B. An adult 18 years or older must accompany all children under the age of 18 at all times and be present in the pool area at all times.

C. Non-family guests are limited to 4 per household, and must be accompanied by a unit resident in the pool area at all times. Guests will be asked to leave if the unit resident is not present.

D. The following are prohibited in the pool area:

1. Animals or pets unless for disability reasons
2. Glass or other breakable items
3. Running, diving or disruptive behavior
4. Excessive noise, splashing or radios without headphones
5. Private pool parties
6. Electrical devices other than those operating on internal batteries.
7. Smoking. Those desiring to smoke may do so in the parking area in front of the clubhouse. Tobacco products must be disposed of appropriately.

L. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged to replace a lost pool/ exercise room key

Section XIV Trash Collection (This simply removes the day of trash pickup. Changes in trash pickup will be noted in the monthly calendar)

A. Refuse and trash collection is done only at the main streets - Riverbend Place, Stonebend or Stonewoods - next to the curb. You will be notified of the normal trash day. Any changes for holidays will be put in the newsletter calendar.

Section XXIII Contract Services Related Issues (This new section clarifies that contract services handles certain process and residents are limited to what they should do in those areas)

The Riverbend Association contracts for a number of services that maintain the Villas of Riverbend Common Areas such as the lawns, streets, driveways, walks, the Clubhouse, and the Pool.

The removal of snow and ice is contracted. You may shovel snow on your walk or drive if you desire. Should you desire to utilize ice melt, only use the synthetic type as salt may cause damage to the cement.

Clubhouse Use and Rental

The two pages regarding clubhouse use and rental have been printed in totality as they are routinely passed out to renters. Changes are as follows:

1. Children and teens under 18 must be supervised by an adult at least 18 years of age in both the pool and clubhouse.
2. The one supervising must be in the pool area.
3. No smoking will be permitted in the pool area. Those desiring to smoke may do so in the parking area.
4. During rentals supervised children activities are permitted directly behind the clubhouse. They shall be no closer than 20’ from the adjacent condos.
5. Rentals may be cancelled within the 30 day period and a refund will be made for unforeseen situations such as serious illness or death.

Appendix A

Clubhouse Use

1. These rules are applicable to all uses of the Clubhouse. Additional terms and conditions applicable to rental usage of the Clubhouse are included in the Clubhouse Rental Terms and Conditions.
2. All persons using the Clubhouse do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Clubhouse is unattended and there are no security systems installed.
3. The Clubhouse is for the private use of residents and their guests only and only for non-profit parties or meetings. Subject to the restrictions listed herein, any resident may use the Clubhouse as long as fees, fines, and assessments for the resident’s unit are current. A resident must be present at all times that the Clubhouse is in use.
4. Occupancy of the Clubhouse by more than 50 persons is prohibited.
5. Animals or pets, unless for disability reasons, are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
6. No persons under the age of 18 may be in the Clubhouse alone. An adult 18 years or older must accompany all children under the age of 18 at all times.
7. It is the resident’s responsibility that noise levels will be controlled as a courtesy to residents living in close proximity to the Clubhouse. There shall be no outside music.
8. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Clubhouse, but may not be sold on the premises. An adult resident must be present at all times alcohol is in use.
9. Lighted candles may be used if they are non-toxic, non-drip, and must meet safety standards. An adult resident must be present at all times candles are used.
10. No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse. Those desiring to smoke may do so in the parking area in front of the clubhouse. Tobacco products must be disposed of appropriately
11. The pool table must not be moved under any circumstances! Moving it even an inch will cause damage that must be repaired professionally and the resident who used or rented the room will be responsible for the cost of re-balancing the table.
12. The Ping-Pong tabletop must be returned to original location if used. (It is located in the lobby hall closet.)
13. Residents shall lock all doors at the conclusion of their activity.
14. The thermostat must be left at 68 degrees during the heating season and 78 in summer.
15. Overnight stays in the Clubhouse are prohibited.
16. Persons using the Clubhouse shall leave it in the same condition they found it. It should be cleaned, if necessary, all items placed in the refrigerator shall be removed, and any trash resulting from usage shall be removed from the premises and disposed of appropriately.
17. No items shall be removed from the Clubhouse without the permission of a Board member. Library books may be removed by a resident without permission.


1. All Clubhouse usage rules of Appendix A of the Resident Handbook apply to rentals and are incorporated by reference in this Rental Agreement.
2. The resident renting the Clubhouse must be present at all times during the event. No resident may reserve the Clubhouse on behalf of another resident.
3. Reservation information can be obtained from the Clubhouse Chairperson. A reservation may be made and confirmed one year in advance by submission and approval of a signed rental agreement. Once the Clubhouse is reserved for a specific time, the reservation will be posted on a calendar in the entryway of the Clubhouse and printed in the Riverbend Newsletter. This will serve as proper notification to all residents that the Clubhouse has been reserved and is not available during the reserved hours for use by other residents
4. Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving are considered high demand dates. The Clubhouse may not be rented by the same person two years in a row on these high demand dates, unless the date is still available three (3) months prior to the holiday.
5. A $175.00 refundable security deposit and a $25.00 user fee are payable sixty days prior to the event. Checks should be made out to The Villas at Riverbend Condominium Association. The $175.00 security deposit will be refunded provided there are no damages and rooms are left in a clean and orderly condition. If the Association incurs a cost for returning the area used during the function to its original condition, it will be deducted from the security deposit. The renter will pay any costs in excess of the security deposit within fifteen (15) days of the function. The user fee will not be refunded if the event is cancelled less than thirty days prior to the scheduled event except for an unforeseen emergency such as a serious illness or death.
6. Reserving the Clubhouse for guests does not extend to the guests’ use of the exercise room, library or the pool.
7. Supervised children activities are permitted directly behind the clubhouse. They shall be no closer than 20’ to the adjacent condos.
8. The Clubhouse must be completely vacated and cleaned at the end of the function, not the next day. The Association will provide a broom, bucket, mop, and sweeper. There will be an inspection both before and after the event. The inspection will include grounds, restrooms, hallways, and party room.

Cleaning Instructions for Rental Use of the Clubhouse

1. All trash must be removed from the building.
2. All countertops and tabletops must be cleaned.
3. Hard floors must be swept and mopped with clear water and the carpet vacuumed. (Broom, mop, bucket, and sweeper are provided.)
4. Tables, chairs, and other furniture must be returned to pre-function position.
5. Kitchen, kitchen sink and all appliances must be left clean.
6. Bathrooms must be left in a clean condition.
7. All food particles, crumbs, etc. must be removed from all surfaces including furniture.
8. All items must be removed from the refrigerator before leaving.

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