Friday, May 26, 2006

Pool Information

Well summer is finally here and the pool is open. As with any activity, there are some rules we must follow to insure a safe and fun environment for our residents. We wanted to remind you of some of the rules regarding the pool.

No person under the age of 18 may be in the pool area alone. We changed the age in the 2006 rule book revision because we do not have a lifeguard and felt adult supervision was necessary.

No glass containers are permitted. This is a safety issue. You can not see broken glass at the bottom of the pool. If a glass breaks in or near the pool, we would have to completely empty the pool, clean it to insure no glass is present and then refill the pool. In addition to the expense, the pool would have to be closed until the cleaning and refilling could be completed.

We have added some new tables and chairs to increase the comfort of our residents. Please insure that the umbrellas are cranked down when you leave. Otherwise, they will present a temptation to high winds.

You are referred to paragraph XII Swimming Pool for the complete list of swimming pool rules.