Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Annual Meeting

The Annual and Bi-Monthly Board meetings were held on 6-27-2007, at the Clubhouse. Approximately 70 residents were in attendance. One Board member was re-elected and a new board member was elected to fill the opening. Names and phone numbers will be in your next Newsletter.
During the annual meeting the question of maintaining our current lawn care contract was presented. There have been a number of concerns about the quality of the service, damage to the property, and other issues. However, when presented to those present, it was almost unaninimous that we will keep our current service in lieu of changing mid contract. This will require continued monitoring by the Board. Residents were advised to contact a Board member should any problems be noted.
During the bi-monthly meeting several maintenance contracts regarding cement work and blacktop repair were approved by the Board.
The next meeting will be in August.

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