Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rule Changes for 2008

The only changes to the Resident Handbook for 2008 is Appendix A which describes Clubhouse Use.

Clubhouse Use

1. These rules are applicable to all uses/users of the Clubhouse. Additional terms and conditions applicable to rental usage of the Clubhouse are included in the Clubhouse Rental Terms and Conditions.
2. All persons using the Clubhouse do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Clubhouse is unattended and there are no security systems installed.
3. The Clubhouse is for the private use of residents and their guests only and only for non-profit parties or meetings. Subject to the restrictions listed herein, any resident may use the Clubhouse as long as fees, fines, and assessments for the resident’s unit are current. A resident must be present at all times that the Clubhouse is in use.
4. Occupancy of the Clubhouse by more than 50 persons is prohibited.
5. Animals or pets, unless for disability reasons, are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
6. No persons under the age of 18 may be in the Clubhouse alone. An adult 18 years or older must accompany all children under the age of 18 at all times.
7. It is the resident’s responsibility that noise levels will be controlled as a courtesy to residents living in close proximity to the Clubhouse. There shall be no outside music.
8. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Clubhouse, but may not be sold on the premises. An adult resident must be present at all times alcohol is in use.
9. Lighted candles may be used if they are non-toxic, non-drip, and must meet safety standards. An adult resident must be present at all times candles are used.
10. No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse. Those desiring to smoke may do so in the parking area in front of the clubhouse. Tobacco products must be disposed of appropriately
11. The pool table must not be moved under any circumstances! Moving it even an inch will cause damage that must be repaired professionally and the resident who used or rented the room will be responsible for the cost of re-balancing the table.
12. Do not move the television as it could be easily damaged.
13. The Ping-Pong tabletop must be returned to original location if used. (It is located in the lobby hall closet.)
14. Residents shall lock all doors at the conclusion of their activity.
15. After your party, the thermostat must be left at 65 degrees during the heating season and 80 in summer.
16. Overnight stays in the Clubhouse are prohibited.
17. Persons using the Clubhouse shall leave it in the same condition they found it. It should be cleaned, if necessary, all items placed in the refrigerator shall be removed, and any trash resulting from usage shall be removed from the premises and disposed of appropriately.
18. No items shall be removed from the Clubhouse without the permission of a Board member. Library books may be removed by a resident without permission.
19. Do not block any fire exit.
20. The front door should not be blocked open when the air or heat is on except for short periods of time when bringing in and taking out party supplies.

Violations of these rules may subject the resident to a special assessment of $25.00 and/or a prohibition of renting the clubhouse for a period of time specified by the board, in addition to any assessment for damages.

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