Thursday, June 19, 2008


June 19, 2008

To: All Villas at Riverbend Residents

RE: Seal coating of Community Drives! SCHEDULED June 25, June 27, June 30

On Wednesday, June 25, the sealing of streets and drives will commence. So we can keep you better informed of progress, you can either check a sign that will be put up in front of the clubhouse or the community website at these will update you on whether or not the weather will allow the seal coat project will be done the next day. The sign and website should have current information by 5:00PM the day before each section is scheduled to be done. We also ask if you would please let your neighbors know so as many people as possible are aware, especially if you know they don’t get out much.

This will be a multi-day project. The attached maps indicate how the work will be done. Because of the necessity of getting people in and out, it is necessary to do Riverbend Place one side at time. This is going to inconvenience all of us during the project, but it has to be done. The physical layout of the community makes this entire process most difficult. However, the end result will be great! Here is the tentative work schedule:

Section 1 will be closed to all vehicular traffic at approximately 7:00AM on Wednesday, June 25. It will remain closed to vehicles until afternoon on Thursday June 26 to allow for drying. This includes the east (entrance) half of Riverbend Place.

Section 2 will be closed to all vehicular traffic at approximately 7:00AM on Friday, June 27. It will remain closed until afternoon on Saturday, June 28 to allow for drying.

Section 3 will be closed to all vehicular traffic at approximately 7:00AM on Monday, June 30. It will remain closed until afternoon on Tuesday, July 1 to allow for drying. This includes the other half of Riverbend Place.

Note that if you will be unable to move your car prior to 7:00 AM the morning of your work, you should consider parking it somewhere else the night before. Once the seal is applied, you will not be able to drive on it under any conditions until it dries the next day!

Foot Traffic: You should be able to walk across the asphalt by late afternoon prior to the time most people will be returning from work. It is water soluble so you can touch it with your finger to see if it is wet or not. It will wash off with soap and water. However, please walk indoors with caution to make sure you don’t get it on your carpet.

Water: The sealer will not stick to wet pavement. Do not water the lawn or wash your car the day before your area is scheduled. Once the work is finished and completely dry, you can go back to your normal routine.

Rain Date(s): If rain prevents the work on a certain day from being done, ONLY THAT DAY will be rescheduled. The other two days will not be affected if they are dry days! The board will notify you of the change if it is necessary. Please check the website and sign on a regular basis.

Mail Delivery: The Post Office will be skipping your delivery on the day that your area is closed to traffic. It will be resumed the next available day. You may not receive other deliveries such as UPS or Fed Ex on those days either. Plan accordingly.

Trash Removal: Your trash will be picked up as usual on Tuesday, June 24.

Any vehicles that need to be driven during this period MUST be parked on the street in a different part of the community prior to these closing times. Street parking will be allowed for this event. If your car isn’t going to be moved prior to 7:00AM, you must park it on the street in another section the night before! Please do not block your neighbor’s drive or park in your neighbor’s driveway without their permission as you may block them in. No one will be able to drive on the wet asphalt for any reason.

Note also that if you have a vehicle parked on the street in a section that is being done that day, it will have to be towed to a different area of the community. The contractor cannot seal around your car. Please don’t let that happen! Make sure it is out of the way.

As you can see from the attached map, Riverbend Place will require two directions of traffic using one lane. Some of you may meet head on. We are all going to have to use some consideration for our neighbors and work these issues out. This may mean pulling over into the driveway to let someone else by. Do not drive in the wet sealer or the paint on your car may be damaged. The association cannot repair this for you.

Your Board realizes that this will be an inconvenience. However, they are confident that you will be pleased with the end result. If you have any questions or are not sure which section you are in, please contact Mike Henricks at 614-766-6500 or one of your Board members.

· Note which day your area will be closed to vehicles and plan accordingly.

· Do not drive on the closed off section for any reason until the cones are removed. No exceptions.

· Do not use any outside water the day before your area is to be done.

· Make sure your car is not on the street on the day that particular section is being done or it will have to be towed out of the way. It must be gone by 7:00AM.

· Only the work scheduled on a rainy day will be rescheduled. The other days do not change.

· Have consideration for your neighbor when you meet head on.

· Try to walk on the grass as much as possible and check your shoes before you enter your home! Don’t track the seal indoors. You will have great difficulty getting the sealer off your carpet.

Thank you for your help while we improve the community!

Your Board of Directors.

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