Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It looks like the roofing repair is just about completed. There are only a few issues to complete and it will be done. This project resulted from two insurance claims from the wind storms in September 08 and February 09. Winter weather hindered a complete review of the roof situation until earlier this year. Nationwide contracted an engineer to check all the roofs to determine the damage. We asked ABLE Roofing to represent us in the damage review. Both ABLE and the engineer inspected the roofs in detail. . After a number of inspections of the roofs and discussions with ABLE Roofing, Nationwide decided our claim. At that time, Mike from RPM negotiated with ABLE for the actual job of repairs. In the final analysis, our association did not have to pay anything for the roofing repairs.
As you may be aware, the first 5 buildings were completely re-roofed. The remaining 31 buildings were repaired as needed. The decision regarding what repairs would be made to each building was that of Nationwide Insurance. The shingles were the exact match to our current shingles. However, the old ones have faded somewhat. It will take some time for the new shingles to blend in.
The crew was very careful about cleaning up nails and shingles. However, we would recommend careful checking of your drive, sidewalks and patios, particularly after a rain, to find any remaining nails.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. However, the repairs may lengthen the time before we have to completely re-roof the whole community.

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