Monday, October 26, 2009



We had noticed a number of our grass area drains had washed out and were not properly draining off the water. In addition, they presented a hazard for anyone working or walking in the area. We hired a company to repair the washed out areas and reseed around the drains. You have probably noticed a “bobcat” hauling dirt and stone. They first hand dig out the area around the drain then install stone and packed it down. This gave a solid foundation for the drain pipe and cover. They then cover all but the drain cover with dirt and grass seed. We believe this will correct the problem and stop further erosion.


You may have noticed someone walking around with a clipboard and taking pictures and notes. This is a project of the Delaware County Auditor and Emergency 911 Director. It is a county wide address verification and property-imaging project. The auditor indicates “this project will provide the most up to date information for emergency related applications and for the purpose of enhancing property assessment procedures.” The working had verification of his assignment and a letter of authorization from the County Auditor.

As you may know, we thought there was a small leak in our pool. All summer, we monitored water level. At the end of the season, the American Leak Company checked the system with both sound detectors and pressure gauges. The leak was located. Fortunately, it was in piping that was under the grass which made access much easier. The leak was fixed. We will continue to monitor water levels throughout the winter to make sure no other leaks are present.

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