Saturday, May 22, 2010


You may remember the success we had with shrub rejuvenation in 2008. Those shrubs are now doing well. Now many of our other shrubs are 10 years old and are too big, woody, misshapen and are hanging over sidewalks or covering windows.

The Board of Directors has decided to rejuvenate a number of our shrubs. Shrub rejuvenation is a drastic cut back of the shrub and removal of dead branches. It is labor intensive and most of that work will be done by hand.

Due to the drastic nature of the cut back, we wanted to share this information with you so you would understand the need for this action. Also, it is a little shocking to see the shrubs after they are cut back. If we did not rejuvenate the shrubs, many would continue to deteriorate and require replacement in the next several years.

Not all of the shrubs will be drastically cut back. Those that are not will be pruned according to our usual schedule.

The Shade Company (our current landscaping contractor) will be doing this work for us. The process will begin about May 27th and should take about seven (7) work days to complete. Please do not ask the work crew for any special cutting requests.



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