Sunday, April 30, 2017

Local Waste Pick Up Schedule for 2017


Regular pickup is now on Wednesday mornings. The pickup date is changed when one of the following holidays falls on or before our regular pickup day.

ü  Memorial Day (Monday, May  29th)             Pickup will be on Thursday, June 1st
ü  Fourth of July (Tuesday, July 4th)              Pickup will be on Thursday, July 6th
ü  Labor Day (Monday, Sept 4th)                    Pickup will be on Thursday September 7th
ü  Thanksgiving    (Thursday, Nov  23th)       There will be no change in schedule
ü  Christmas Day (Monday, Dec  25th)           Pickup will be on Thursday December 28th
ü  News Year’s Day 2018 (Monday, Jan 1st)   Pickup will be on Thursday January 4th, 2018

Your regular pick-up times will resume the following week.

Local Waste Telephone numbers are 740-756-7156 and 514-409-9375.

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